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"If light is in your heart,

you'll find your way home"



About Us

About Us

Yoganida (sanskrit term for "yoga nest") is a yogic sanctuary in the heart of Amsterdam where you will immediately feel at home. Our studio is filled with natural light & colours, offering an atmosphere enabling you to either energize yourself and break a sweat, or unwind after an exhausting day, depending on what you need at the moment.

Our international crew of highly qualified teachers truly embodies the core values of Yoganida: authenticity, simplicity, diversity, fun & humility, as well as caring. Our teachers are known for their creative sequencing and for speaking from the heart. Yoganida is a place for self-discovery and transformation, where you will feel nurtured and taken care of.


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At Yoganida, we believe in honesty and authenticity. In the same way birds create their nests, our yogic sanctuary has mainly been created by recycling & repurposing existing material while maximizing the use of natural fabrics and colors. Authenticity is also deeply rooted in our teachers's style, always speaking from the heart.

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At Yoganida, we believe in "less is more" and "no nonsense". As our beloved poet Rumi said: "Appear as you are. Be as you appear".


At Yoganida, we believe in intellectual curiosity, learning more about the outside so we can better approach ourselves from the inside. Yoga is a fabulous way to help unfold the unknown, not only thanks to his different styles and intensities, but also all the dimensions (asanas, pranayama, etc.) you can play with. You won't find any set sequences here, just pure creativity and spontaneousity from our teachers. Moreover, we believe that yoga is for everybody and every body. So whether you're male or female, fit or curvy, stiff or flexible, you'll find yourself at home 

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Fun & humility

At Yoganida, we believe yoga is not about perfection but rather exploration, and promote a deep sense of humility. We believe it's perfectly OK to make mistakes, to joke around, to laugh and even to cry during the practice. Not taking ourselves too seriously as well as using humour and lightness are deeply ingrained in our DNA. 


At Yoganida, even if the studio may feel somewhat overwhelming at first, we believe in limiting attendance to our classes so we can give every student the attention he/she needs and deserves while staying with us. Fostering a caring & nurturing atmosphere, you'll be in good hands with us, whether you're fit, recovering from an injury/surgery, dealing with a specific medical condition, or just need a warm hug from time to time. Also, we believe in the importance of self-care and will therefore keep on reminding you to listen to yourself so you can give yourself what feels good body and mind-alike, respecting your boundaries at all times.

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Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 120 sous

1012 SH Amsterdam


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