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Workshop - Myofascial release for preggies

Myofascial release (aka MFR) is a therapeutic self-care massage technique where specific tools are used to release the fascia. It helps improving blood circulation and hydration of the tissues. Learn how to relieve pregnancy discomforts through MFR!



Prenatal series -

Get ready for baby

This series sums up our vision of prenatal yoga: build physical strength to deal with the extra weight, ease pregnancy discomforts, as well as empower women to birth a baby by letting them reconnect to their inner peace. Come get ready inside & out!


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Postnatal series - Reconnect to yourself

A well-rounded postnatal yoga series helping you reconnecting to yourself from head to toe, incl. a lovely combination of strength-building and relaxation exercises addressing the upper body, deep core muscles, pelvis/pelvic floor, and the lower body


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