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May 8-10th, 2020


All currency listed in €, Euros

*Single session

45€ (55€ after March 15th)


*Medium package (4 sessions - all levels)

170€ (195€ after March 15th) 

*Full package (5 sessions - yoga teachers only)

 215€ (250€ after March 15th)



Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Rocky Heron's workshops impressions

Faculty - Rocky Heron


Workshop Series with Rocky Heron


Rocky Heron's very first workshop series in the BeNeLux region!

For the very first time in the BeNeLux region, Rocky Heron will be offering a series of workshops open to yoga enthusiasts and yoga teachers alike.

If you've never practiced with the amazingly-talented Rocky Heron, either offline or online, you may wonder what to expect. Rocky's classes & workshops are known to develop strength and functional mobility in many directions. If you're curious to learn more about yoga asana and your own capacity to move, don't miss this unique workshop series! Be prepared to step out of the box of traditional asana to explore other forms of movement, to feel empowered to discover your own ability to express yourself through your body, your breath, and your awareness. Warning: breakthroughs may occur!

In this series of workshops, Rocky will guide us through has been the different family of yoga poses, from backbends to hip openers & arm balances. The first 4 worskhops are open to all levels, whereas the 5th workshop is exclusively open to yoga teachers.



*Friday May 8th - Workshop 1: FUNKtional flow (all levels)

In this fun, funky flow, you'll move through a somewhat familiar vinyasa sequence but take some detours outside of business-as-usual. Our vinyasa practice, while quite diverse in its movements, is somewhat lacking in loading certain joint positions and mapping particular pathways of movement. Step outside the box a bit and play your way through some new, multi-planar and functional movements not traditionally explored. Class will buoyantly weave through standing postures, hip openers, and accessible arm balance options. Along the way expect to learn groundbreaking techniques to evolve your experience in a wide range of asana and transitions, all while deepening your knowledge around the mechanics of your magnificent body. This is a great opportunity to diversify your practice within a familiar framework. Class will conclude with live music in savasana.

*Saturday May 9th - Workshop 2: JUMP! (all levels)

In between life’s moments, there are a never-ending threads of transition. It is in our ability, or inability, to move with ease and confidence through these transitions that life opens up to us as we open up to it. In this session, we will explore our bodies potential for plyometrics; using the earth as our trampoline to leverage downward force into upward levity. The result will be more spring-loaded, efficient movement, enabling us to explore more elusive transitions on

our mat with greater ease and skill - expect re-purposed Sun salutations, myofascial conditioning, and lots of joy! All levels welcome.

*Saturday May 9th - Workshop 3: Confident Introspection (all levels)

Forward bends are typically viewed as postures that invoke introspection and a literal folding into oneself. All to often, however, our journey into these poses increase our passive ranges of motion, relying on our hands and the floor to support their depth, while bypassing the opportunity to develop greater active control of our joints' end ranges of motion. While this may serve a purpose, folding inward requires great strength in order for it to be sustainable and healthy. In this dynamic class you’ll learn how to explore these poses by sourcing
strength and mobility from your core and legs, increasing their power and your overall motor control. This yoga conditioning workshop will involve many familiar hip openers and forward folds, but will explore transitioning into them in ways that require more focus and muscular activation than you may be used to. Create a rich, new somatic experience, unlock your ranges of motion, explore common poses in stimulating and exciting ways, and enable your ability to open yourself up without compromising your sense of personal power. All levels welcome.

*Sunday May 10th - Workshop 4: Backbend Floss & Release (all levels)

Do you desire a more confident, stable and liberated experience in your body while backbending? It may not be facilitated in the ways you've come to expect. In this session we will explore innovative drills to mobilize and activate your shoulder girdle, spine and hips. Class will begin with focused self myofascial release techniques with RAD Roller tools, followed by powerful conditioning drills to awaken the levers and pulleys needed to lengthen and extend your spine. We know it's a good idea to floss our teeth, but what about flossing our hips and
shoulders to gain greater access to the fluidity of our spine? A clever use of props in familiar poses will help us access those hard to reach places that may be hindering our success. Class will culminate in a series of intermediate backbends, making use of the freedom and strength cultivated through this rich and effective series of diverse mobility techniques. Open to all levels.

*Sunday May 10th - Workshop 5: Cracking the Biomechanics Code (for yoga teachers only)

In this teacher training we will unpack the techniques explored throughout the weekend and explore the principles of biomechanics necessary to create your own “Skills and Drills” for yourself and your students. The evolution of yoga and movement practices requires us teachers to understand what it is we are actually facilitating in our classes, and be empowered with the knowledge to create our own opportunities for increased mobility and somatic awareness. Our bodies don’t know the difference between a yoga pose, or any other modality of movement. Our bodies respond and adapt to the forces we encounter and introduce. By learning step by step techniques to unlock powerful adaptations in our tissues we can not only rehabilitate old injuries and achieve our movement goals, but we can expand our capacity to create resilient and functionally powerful bodies and minds. If you are ready to crack the code of yoga asana and develop the keys to innovate your own effective strategies for movement, you don’t want to miss this potent learning opportunity! Come learn, grow, and play with us for this fun and transformative session! Hours can be applied to continuing education credit with Yoga Alliance.


The full program will be led by world-class yoga instructor Rocky Heron (E-RYT 500, YACEP, ADVANCED YOGA EDUCATOR).

Founder of Yoga with Rocky and YOGAMAZÉ Emissary, Rocky Heron is a world-traveling yoga teacher and avid yoga student. Known for uncanny wisdom and skillful instruction, Rocky’s teaching is informed by years of study in nearly every yoga style and a diverse background of movement modalities. When not on the road, Rocky resides in Los Angeles, CA where he works alongside Noah Mazé in formulating meaningful yoga curriculum for the YOGAMAZÉ system. Students steep themselves in Rocky’s teaching for his intelligence and playfulness, as well as the potent growth opportunities he nearly always brings to class. A musician, singer, and songwriter, Rocky’s classes often feature an offering of live mantra and music. Learn more about Rocky here


Accommodation is not included in the workshop series. If you have any questions and/or need any tips, please contact us at

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