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*30 hrs

May 28th-May 30th, 2020 
*50 hrs 

May 28th-June 1st, 2020


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*30 hrs 

- Before February 15th, 2020: €425 (including 21% VAT) 

- After February 15th, 2020: €500 (including 21% VAT)

*50 hrs 

- Before February 15th, 2020: €750 (including 21% VAT)

- After February 15th, 2020: €900 (including 21% VAT)

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*30 hrs: €135 (incl. 21% VAT)

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Annie Au's trainings impressions

Lead Teacher Trainer - Annie Au

Assistant Trainer - Aaron Wik

30 hrs & 50 hrs Yin Yoga & Meridians Teacher Trainings with Annie Au

Annie Au's very first teacher trainings in the BeNeLux region!

For the very first time in the BeNeLux region, Annie Au, international yoga teacher who has studied with with Sri Dharma Mittra, will be offering two fabulous Yin Yoga & Meridians Teacher Trainings.


These 30 & 50 hours Yin Yoga & Meridians teacher trainings are ideal for yoga teachers and non-teachers alike.  Yin yoga enthusiasts who are not yoga teachers though are genuinely interested in deepening their personal practice and expanding their knowledge base in yoga and self-growth will highly benefit from these modules as well.

In this unique 3 or 5-day program, we’ll concentrate on understanding the intrinsic connections of our emotions and physical self, helping you discover your personal physical variations (skeletal & muscular) and stimulating emotional growth through self-awareness and self-love.


Course curriculum

The curriculum of the 30hr program includes the following topics:

  • Daily practice of Yin yoga, Qi Gong, pranayama & meditation

  • Exercise theory of Yin yoga

  • An introduction to Daoism & Yoga Philosophy

  • Overview of the Chinese meridians system

  • Introduction to fascial research and relevance to our emotional expression

  • Leaning into your physical and emotional edges

  • Postural clinic of basic Yin yoga postures

  • Develop a foundational Yin practice


The 50hr program will cover everything in the 30hr program plus:

  • The main differences between practicing Yin and Yang yoga

    • Comparison of the Yogic and Chinese meridians maps

  • Yoga philosophy & Daoist views

  • Detailed overview of the fundamentals of TCM

    • The 5 elements

    • Yin Yang theory

    • The functions and disharmonies of Qi

    • The 12 regular meridian pathways

  • Functional anatomy

    • All subsystems of the human body and how they interact to formulate our physical and emotional conditions

  • The art of teaching Yin yoga

  • Postural clinic with over 100 Yin postures variations

  • Intro to acupressure points

  • Basic sequencing

  • Practice teach & feedback


*This training is suitable for yoga teachers who are seeking an introduction to Yin yoga and/or who want to lead basic Yin Yoga classes. To fully lead soulful & transformative Yin classes, participants should take the 50hr program


The full program will be led by well-known international yoga teacher Annie Au, assisted by her husband Aaron Wik

* Lead Teacher Trainer: Annie Au


Creator of the Yin yoga & meridians teaching program, Annie is passionate about yoga anatomy and specifically in how we can connect our physical practice to emotional growth. Ultimately, Annie helps you reach your highest potential through awareness in the body, mind and spirit. Annie currently lives in Sri Lanka and teaches around the world. Learn more about Annie here

* Assistant Trainer: Aaron Wik


Aaron is an expert in leading functional and intriguing Vinyasa flow classes in a practical way. He is passionate about taking your practice both on and off the mat to the next level. Aaron will be guest teaching in the training, bringing balance to our Yin energy with Vinyasa flow classes. He will also be leading lectures on non-dogmatic nutritional health with an emphasis on self-love. You can learn more about Aaron here.

Sample daily schedule​ (~10hrs daily)

  • 8:00-10:00

    • Morning yin practice, Qi Gong, pranayama, meditation

  • 10:00-12:15

    • Chinese Meridians lecture

  • 12:15-13:15

    • Lunch

  • 13:15-17:00

    • Asana & postural breakdown, workshop

  • 17:00-18:00

    • Second practice (yin yoga, meditation & yoga nidra)

**Students must attend all contact hours to receive a Yoga Alliance US continuing education certificate.

**Please note this schedule is subject to change; the final version schedule will be communicated to participants in due course.


Having offered authentic Yoga, Daoist & Buddhist teachings. This training is ideal for those who are open-minded, welcoming and passionate about spiritual learning. In order to cultivate your experience, you should have a minimum of six months to a year of yoga and/or related practices such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Reiki, and meditation.


By successfully completing the 50hr Yin Yoga & Meridians Teacher Training, you'll receive a 50hr Yoga Alliance certification and can be applied as Continue Education Units (CEU). You must attend all contact-hours and achieve satisfactory course work to graduate


Accommodation is not included in the training. If you have any questions and/or need any tips, please contact us at

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